Boardercross racing consists of four to six riders going through gates and racing down a course

that may include rollers, jumps, hips, bermed turns, step downs, step ups, and whatever the

groomers can design with the snow. This type of racing is reserved for advanced riders with

many years on a snowboard as courses will challenge the riders’ ability to keep control while

maintaining maximum speed. It is not uncommon for competitors to collide with each other


Snowboard shape, size, and stiffness will vary depending on the rider’s personal preference.

The rider may also choose to ride soft or hard boots based off their style.

Our boardercross boards are the best bang for your buck and have been ridden into Olympic

and World Cup golds by many riders. We will make sure that your board fits and is custom

made to your liking.

Intermediate – Saber, Twin, Phoenix, Baker, Flux

Advanced to Professional – Saber SRT

Young Shredders – Junior