Carve or freecarve snowboarding is similar to freeriding in the sense that there is no set course

or boundaries to follow. However, this discipline is performed on groomed, hard packed, or

fresh corduroy snow.

Snowboard shape, size and stiffness will depend on the rider’s preference and well as whether

the riders will use hard or soft boots.

Carving, like freeriding, is for everyone and considered to be soul boarding because it is all

about the feel of the turns and gravitational forces on your body. We offer many boards to

riders and we make them custom to you so you can get the most out of their days on the


Beginner – Pilot, Metal FC, Axxess

Intermediate – Flux, Incline, Hazelwood, Freecarve, Legacy

Advanced – MK, Proteus

Young Shredders – Junior