Freeride and backcountry snowboarding are also known as “all-mountain” or “off-piste”

snowboarding; it is about mastering an all-round style that will give you the freedom to ride,

carve, and jump on any groomed or ungroomed terrain. The beauty of freeriding is that you are

able to utilize all the mountain could offer – like open terrain, backcountry chutes, fresh

powder, natural halfpipes and hips and glades (trees).

Freeride snowboarding is suitable for all levels of riding because it focus on enjoying the ride

and exploring all there is on a mountain.

Usually, Freeriders use relatively longer boards which are narrower in width, deeper in sidecut,

and directional in their shape. Also, the nose maybe longer with the binding inserts positioned

towards the rear of the board to make it easier to float across the top of the powder. It is likely

soft snowboard boots would be used with strap in bindings while freeriding however some

brave and trained riders have been known to ride hard boots on a freeride snowboard.

Splitboard snowboarding has recently become popular because of the accessibility it offers.

Splitboards have two modes, hiking and riding. While in hiking mode riders will attach skins to

the bottom of each half and hike up the mountain. Once they have ascended they will

reassemble the splitboard to riding mode and glide down the face. This experience offers

maximum snowboarding adventure because you can access uncrowded and untouched terrain.

However way you get down the mountain, splitboard or regular board, we will make sure it is

your very own custom snowboard.

Beginner to Intermediate – Twin, Phoenix, Nomad, Axxess

Advanced – Hazelwood, Incline, Flux

Splitboards – Nomad, Hazelwood

Young Shredders – Junior