Optimized for powder with a long shovel and early rise, this board simply won’t submarine. With a super tight 7m sidecut in the shovel, you’ll always find maneuvering in the trees effortless.

We appreciate that powder is the ultimate goal here, but how many times do you find yourself on hard snow trying to get to the powder? We’ve given this board unprecedented hardpack performance, so you can have a blast finding your goal. We’ve also incorporated a variable sidecut that allows you to stretch out the turns when you want to.

Direct Price: $750
Split Price: $1006


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  • Available in standard fiberglass or carbon fiber constructions
  • Vertical laminate custom ‘Symmetriflex A’ core
  • Triaxial fiberglass
  • DuraSurf 2001 sintered base
  • Die-cut base graphics
  • Full wrap Rockwell 48 edge
  • 10-pack stainless inserts (16–25.5″ stance)
  • high gloss PBT Topsheet with your choice of graphics


Custom dimensions consistent with this construction available for $750. Easily adjust the width to fit your foot or request different lengths at no extra charge.