Are you an alpine ski enthusiast? If so, there’s only one place to get the right equipment available to ensure that each and every run is unique, exhilarating, and fun. That place is Donek. A leader in custom designed ski and snowboards.

Alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiiing, is a fun and slightly technical sport and recreational
activity that requires the best equipment available to ensure each skier has a great time sliding down snow covered slopes or through back country environments.

The equipment employed in alpine skiing include a fixed heeled binding attached to a ski, boots, and poles. Donek knows that this equipment must be of the highest caliber and designed differently for each and every individual skier if their skiing experience is to be the best it can.

With expert craftsmen with tons of experience in the handcrafted design, creation, and development of alpine skis, Donek utilizes a unique process that first starts with a consultation. This consultation is a personalized experience for each of its clients that examines everything from the skiers experience, skill level, size and build, personality, style and the vision she or he has of their alpine ski equipment.

Whether you’re riding the lift to the top of a mountain, taking a snowmobile up, or hitching a ride on a helicopter to the summit, Donek is with you every step of the way by providing you with a custom made alpine ski set-up that will take you confidently down each and every slope.