Do you get your rush looking down a mountain slope and aiming the alpine board you are standing on in the direction of certain adrenaline-fueled fun? If so, there’s only one place to get the right equipment available to ensure that all your runs are atop a board that is made to order. That place is Donek. A leader in custom designed boards for snowboarders around the world, each of our clients walks away with a piece of functional art capable of providing only the best rush in your alpine environment, but a piece of equipment that will be the envy of all when you mount it on the wall when you’re off the hill.

Alpine boards are not just pieces of carbon or wood one stands on to slide down snow covered hills or through the back country. No way. Your board must be made of the highest quality and should be custom designed to fit you in every way.

Donek knows that this equipment must be of the highest caliber and designed differently for each and every individual snowboarder if he or she wants to experience the best ride possible.

With expert craftsmen and decades of experience in handcrafting custom designed and created snowboards, Donek utilizes a unique process that first starts with a personalized consultation. This consultation is a special experience for each of our clients because we examine everything from the rider’s experience, skill level, size and build, personality, style and the vision she or he has of their alpine equipment, a work of art that makes them the best snowboarder they can be.

Whether you’re riding the lift to the top of a mountain, taking a snowmobile to a secluded hill in the backcountry or hitching a ride on a helicopter to that summit, Donek alpine boards will confidently get you down each mountain slope with expert craftsmanship and style.