phoenix freestyle snowboardsDesign your own board and make those freestyle tricks a breeze. With a versatile snowboard, you’ll be slicing up groomed runs and loving the park and pipe in no time. Need speed? Own an entire mountain with a board from the Carve Series. For every type of riding recreation, Donek has the engineering, creativity, and innovative technology to help you design the perfect board for this season.

Donek was established in 1987 when Sean Martin began making snowboards in his basement. As a passionate rider and innate builder, he started to produce industry leading snowboards made custom to each of his riders. Each board is engineered in great detail with the best, eco-friendly materials for ultimate durability. Each of our boards provides great performance, maximum balance, and support. Today, Donek sponsors top athletes including Evan Strong, Mike Shea, and Amy Purdy. Their innovation in creating adaptive boards for their riders has changed the snowboarding scene.

When you design your own board with Donek, your board will be made just for you. Our team will help you determine the base model most effective for your individual needs. No two people on earth are the same in personality, riding style, and body measurements. You need a board that functions specifically for you—not the masses. Your personalized snowboard will fit your body and affect your ride with the best performance possible.

Your individuality goes beyond the feel and form of your snowboard, it also translates into your personal style. With most boards made by Donek, you can choose custom graphics. Celebrate your uniqueness by designing your own board with awesome graphics that shout your personality with that sweet Donek logo on top. Ride in style and confidence knowing that Donek has made you a quality, one-of-a-kind board for the slopes this season.

Design your own board with Donek today!