Nomad Butterfly Stain SmowboardsAre you in the market for a perfect snowboard? A snowboard that is custom fit to your physical needs and personal style? Look into the custom snowboard shop Donek. Regular sporting stores will sell a board that is one-size-fits-all, at Donek you can design your own snowboards that will fit your needs just right and look great on the powder line.

Donek is a family run business located in Colorado that specializes in making snowboards, skis, and accessories. They have created the highest quality custom boards for their riders since 1987. They believe that taking into consideration all of their riders needs, riding styles, personalities, strengths, and measurements on an individual level differentiate them from other mass manufacturers. Every board made by Donek starts with your inspiration and ends with a unique, custom snowboard that truly fits you.

Want to add rad graphics to your board and show off your style? Donek offers custom graphics on most boards. You can choose from a variety of graphics from their design library or even hook up with their artist to collaborate your inspiration. They create custom base designs and can print most top sheets to make you an awesome design with the Donek logo.

When you design your own snowboards with Donek, you can purchase in confidence that your board will be designed for unparalleled performance, durability, support and balance. Donek uses the finest materials to assemble and manufacture your board in house. Their creative team is both riders and creators so they take ultimate pride in creating the best snowboards for their riders.

True riders appreciate the passion and quality that goes into every handcrafted, specialized board made for all levels and all styles of riders. With so many boards to choose from, it can be a challenge to pick the right base when you design your own snowboards. Donek specializes in helping pick out the right base for your needs.

Create your dream snowboard online with Donek today!