Donek Riders Win USASA Merit Scholarship

We are over the moon to announce that three of the five riders selected for the USASA Merit Scholarship are on the Donek Snowboard Amateur Team. A big congratulations to AJ Juneau, Aten-Wa Theba, and Griffin Kleinle for winning this scholarship that will truly help them compete in the 2019/2020 season.

Winning this award we not an easy feat with a huge response from the USASA community, with over 150 submissions total from the biggest national snowboarding community in the world. These riders were asked to write a 250-word essay and produce a 30-second video describing how they incorporate a Live Like Sam guiding principals and USASA core values in their athletic participation. This also needed to be backed by proven community service hours, which is also encouraged to be on the Donek amateur team.

These riders will have all their regional USASA entry fees paid for over the season including their full National USASA entry fees when they qualify.

Donek Snowboards is very proud of AJ, Aten-Wa, and Griffin who showed outstanding commitment to snowboarding and the snowboard community and were able to express this in written and video form.

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