Knapton Twin Snowboard Gets 5-star Review

Ryan Knapton doing a toeside carve on the Knapton Twin

Ryan Knapton‘s pro model the Knapton Twin just got a top review from Globo Surf, a web-based company that reviews outdoor gear.

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Highlights that we love…

Maneuverability: 97% – With its added dimensions and specific shape, the Donek Knapton Twin snowboard is not the easiest to maneuver, but when you manage to get a hold of it then it delivers the goods without hesitation. Overcoming the challenges that come with having extra space between your toes and the edge takes some practice, but after a while, it will feel very similar to a regular board while providing notable extra benefits.

Turning: 98% – The great benefit of the Donek Knapton Twin snowboard is that it allows the rider to choose between riding as they always have and quickly transitioning to a valid carving board. The wide edges provide great support and make it very hard to “boot out”, letting the rider push him or herself to extremes without the fear of ruining the ride. This feature is also great for beginners, giving them a versatile platform to explore a great number of riding possibilities.

Stability: 98% – Despite being excellent at turning, the Donek Knapton Twin snowboard is also a solid performer when you want to go fast, thanks to its stiff core which provides great stability even at high speeds. It is exactly this combination of agility and toughness that makes the board such a valid option for beginners wanting to experiment or pros looking for a versatile option to keep all their possibilities open while on the slopes. 

Price: 96% – As with any piece of high-quality, technical gear, the Donek Knapton Twin snowboard doesn’t come very cheap. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for a good snowboard you will probably be ready to pay the price for a product that will make you enjoy your time on the slopes. The great advantage of the Knapton Twin is that it lets you vary the fun in numerous different ways, letting you ride freestyle one moment and start carving the next, making its purchase an excellent choice for the money because of the sheer number of situations it can adapt to.

Overall: 97% – Bringing together flexibility, agility, and reliability, the Knapton Twin snowboard carves out a place of its own (pun intended!) in the world of snowboarding. Its innovative shape makes a truly unique product, putting a huge amount of possibilities within the range of an experienced rider and opening up a vast number of challenges for the newcomers to the sport. The extended customizability options the brand provides, for a little extra money, mean that you can fine-tune your riding experience as you get better on the slopes. This lets you truly identify the way you prefer to ride, and the Donek Knapton Twin snowboard is a great way to start doing that and help you figure out your snowboarding style.

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