Mastering the Art of Prompt Crafting for Leonardo AI’s Image Generator


Unlock the full potential of Leonardo AI’s image generation with the art of prompt crafting. A well-crafted prompt is the key to transforming your creative vision into stunning visual art. This article provides a straightforward guide on the essential elements of a prompt and how to effectively combine them.

The Basic Structure of a Prompt:

A prompt for Leonardo AI typically includes the following components:

  • Subject: The main focus of your image. This could be an object, a scene, a character, or any central element you wish to depict.
  • Descriptors: These are crucial in refining your subject. They include:
    • Color: Specify hues or color schemes.
    • Emotion: Convey the mood or feeling.
    • Texture: Describe the surface qualities.
  • Artistic Style: Choose from various art styles like realism, impressionism, or surrealism to guide the artistic rendering.
  • Theme: This provides the conceptual framework or the setting of your image.
  • Influencing Artist: Mentioning an artist can steer the AI towards mimicking that artist’s style.

Advanced Elements to Consider:

To further enhance your prompts, consider these additional elements:

  • Perspective: Dictate the viewpoint or angle, like bird’s eye view or worm’s eye view.
  • Composition: Guide the arrangement of elements in the scene.
  • Medium: Suggest a preferred medium like oil paint, watercolor, or digital.
  • Context: Provide background information or a storyline to add depth.

Other Considerations:

Here are some additional tips to refine your prompts:

  • Simplicity vs. Detail: Balance simplicity and detail. Overly complex prompts may confuse the AI, while too vague prompts might not capture your vision.
  • Cultural References: Adding cultural or historical references can provide a unique flavor to the artwork.
  • Lighting and Atmosphere: Describing the lighting (e.g., sunrise, dimly lit) and atmosphere (e.g., foggy, clear) can dramatically change the mood.


Creating the perfect prompt for Leonardo AI is an art in itself. By carefully selecting and combining these elements, you can guide the AI to produce images that closely align with your imaginative vision. Experiment with different combinations to see how each element influences the final artwork.

Example Prompt for Leonardo AI’s Image Generator

Example Prompt:

  1. Subject: A serene lake surrounded by autumn trees.
  2. Descriptors:
    • Color: Vivid oranges, reds, and yellows of the leaves; deep blue of the water.
    • Emotion: Tranquil and calming.
    • Texture: Reflective, glass-like surface of the lake; rough bark of the trees.
  3. Artistic Style: Impressionism, with visible brushstrokes and vibrant light.
  4. Theme: The beauty of nature in the fall season.
  5. Influencing Artist: Inspired by Claude Monet’s use of color and light.
  6. Perspective: Viewed from the lake shore, looking out over the water.
  7. Composition: The lake in the foreground, trees arching over the water in the background.
  8. Medium: Digital art mimicking oil paint.
  9. Context: This scene is set in a secluded, peaceful forest during early autumn.

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