Prep for the Upcoming Winter Season

Plaid shorts and beach balls are no longer socially acceptable to wear everyday, which means we are one cold night and a wax job away from ski and snowboard season! And since the trusty folks over at the Farmers’ Almanac are predicting higher than normal snowfall over the winter, we need to get ready for the mountain earlier than ever. Below are three or four tips for getting well-equipped, in shape, and straight up ready for that first glorious powder day.

Gear Up: After a year in the closet, your kit either needs some love or some new friends. If you’ve got money to burn, there’s no shortage of gadgets you can purchase to step up your mountain game: goggles with built in camera and heads-up-display, battery packs that can charge your dying phone and keep your hands warm, smartwatches that will track your path, and hey, why not a custom snowboard? We know a guy. Our custom snowboards are built tough for your winter season, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us with any questions.

Work Out: You’re not in shape for that first day. You’re just not. No judging, we all skip leg day. But if you don’t want to clock out at noon, you gotta hit the gym. Aerobic activity, like jogging or cycling, will help build endurance and keep you from exhausting yourself too early. Squats and lunges will keep your quads strong, and deadlifts will get your hamstrings and glutes primed for good form. Don’t go too hard, though; you’d hate to miss out because of an injury. Consult your gym or personal training to find that delicate balance between kicking your butt and killing yourself.

Claim Your Spot: Sometimes, Mother Nature just doesn’t like playing along. Larger resorts have picked up on this, luckily, and many offer Powder Guarantee packages. Make a reservation at your favorite spot to get your foot in the door, knowing you can pull out if need be. And while you likely have a favorite run on your favorite mountain, try branching out. Yeah, get your desired Season Pass, but smaller local resorts mean more value, less crowds, and way more runs. Plus, you’ll get that all important hipster cred.

Pray to the Snow Gods: Every night and twice on Sundays.

Don’t let the season flank you again. Follow this guide and get ready for the season. Contact Donek today for more tips or additional information about our custom snowboards!