B1p “Shred Sled” Powder/Carving Board

B1p offers:

An unparalleled riding experience.
An Old School Shape with NEW School Technology
A Elongated Wide Nose that floats right up in the deep snow
A shorter running length with a huge amount of Effective Edge
A quick upturned tail with early rise – for moving backwards in deep snow. An early rise tail and nose, sets you up for serious carving on groomers.

DRT* Construction

Donek Racing Technology (DRT*)
Construction offers a higher level of performance than previously thought possible through conventional engineering and sandwich construction. We have totally changed the wood core and the components used within the snowboard; using different wood species with specific property behaviors, laminated together to produce a core that has a faster vibration decay rate. This is related to the cellular and chemical components of the wood chosen. The density, cell length, mirofibral angles and the amount of cellulose and lignins determine whether vibrations will dissipate quickly. Wood is a viscoelastic material, meaning it can dissipate energy quickly. Each species of wood has it’s own viscoelastic properties.

A Powder/Carving Board that is inherently damp and substantially stable at higher speeds. Reducing leg fatigue, because of the quicker energy dissipation. Designed specifically for Powder and Carving, using the processes with the evolution of the B-1, to take your shredding to the “Next Level” on one board designed for carving, laying down big carves in deep pow, shooting down that big couloir, and snow surfing.

Limited Production (30 boards per year)
Custom Hand Painted Graphics – Colorado Themed
New Release Every Fall

“B-1 with your Snowboard”

Available in 2 Models:
B1p Build using DRT* Construction and Layup
B1p with Standard Poplar/ Ash Build

Board SPECS:
Length – 159 cm
Sidecut – 9.5m
Waist – 260mm
EE – 115cm
RL – 89cm
Stance – (12-pack) offering more stance options
Nose Length – 50cm
Tail Length – 18cm