The sport of alpine snowboarding evolved into an Olympic sport in 1998. Donek Snowboards has been custom designing and building snowboards for a decade prior to its inclusion as an Olympic favorite. With decades of experience, behind them our company handcrafts alpine boards for racers and recreational enthusiasts alike.

The art of building a snowboard too has evolved over the years. At Donek we take great care in building your board. From the beginning to the end of the process you input is given great weight starting with our first consultation with you. In this meeting we will ask you a variety of questions, the answers of which we’ll use to design, develop, and create your personalized piste carving board.

Some of the factors we take into consideration before we design your snowboard includes your size, weight, build, skill-level, alpine experience, style, and even your personality. All these factors allow us to develop a product you’ll be proud to snow surf, and one that will be the envy of all your friends.