Titanium Snowboard BindingHaving the right snowboard binding matched to the right board is critical to your experience and performance on the slopes. A mismatch can spell misery. The right match and you are in for an awesome day. Donek.com can help make sure that you have the right snowboard bindings on a board customized just for your specific needs.

The right combination board, boots and, snowboard bindings easily transfers energy and responds to your body’s shifts for precise control. It is important to select bindings based on your riding style, ability level, board/boots compatibility and comfort.

Your snowboard binding flex should be appropriate to your ability and the terrain you ride. It should also match the flex in your boots.

For example, many freestylers will be happy in bindings with short, flexible highbacks for a more forgiving ride that helps you recover when landing jumps and tricks. Advanced riders and freeriders normally prefer bindings with tall, stiff highbacks for precise control at high speeds, in deep powder and on steep terrain.

Donek offers many options including Race Titanium bindings for race and freecarvers. These bindings are the most successful race bindings in the World Cup. The come in small or large sizes and feature direct power transmission, a stiff side flex and anodized titanal base. The EDS shock absorption system improves performance.

Keep in mind that Snowboard bindings must accommodate your boot size. The right binding will snugly grip a boot keeping your boot secure. Bindings should allow your boots to flex, without letting them wobble or shift. Also, binding straps should not dangle excessively when tightened. If the strap ends are too long when the bindings are cinched to your boots, look for different bindings.

Let Donek.com set you up right!