PilotSearching the Internet for snowboard gear on sale.  Stop and ask yourself if you have the right board for which to buy all that snowboard gear.  Just because it is on sale doesn’t necessarily make it a good purchase.  Donek.com is the best place to find the right snowboard gear for sale that is customized just for you.

What do we mean when we say customized?  We mean the board is created specifically with your riding style, ability and personality in mind.  You end up with a board that outperforms anything else you have ever had and maximizes the fun-factor on the snow.  

Out team of experts are snowboarders themselves.  They are passionate about the sport and want to help you get the most out of your equipment.  We start by selecting the proper base board.  The right board for your riding style and ability.  From there we ask series of time tested questions to gather specific details needed to fully customize the board to suite your unique needs.  This is something you just don’t get with mass-produced snowboards.  

When you walk into a big box store or specialty retailer, you choose from off-the-shelf options that simply cannot be made to fit you correctly.  Even people who are the same size need the board to be set up differently.  You may be stronger, more aggressive or ride in a completely different way than the person standing next to you who happens to be the same size.  There is no way that the same board will work for you both, and yet, that is what people often buy.  

A customized board from Donek.com truly fits you.  You avoid many of the pitfalls and really do amp up your performance.  Let us put you in the right snowboard gear!