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Time for the pipe?  Go big or go home!

Going big in the pipe is all about speed. That means you’ve got to win that race from lip to lip.  Who better to help you win that race than a company that’s been building race boards for almost 2 decades.

We’ve been working with Crispin Lipscomb and Katie Tsuyuki on this concept. We’re pleased to be releasing the first race inspired halfpipe board. It’s construction is similar to the saber, has a reduced tip and tail profile, and increased running length resulting in the ability to ride a shorter board that will spin effortlessly when you are in the air. We’ve used the best race grade base material and kept the die cuts to a minimum, so you can tune this board like you mean it. The lengthened sidecut radius allows the rider carve a line across the pipe rather than fight a shape that was designed for a different purpose. In a nutshell, you get more speed, easier aerial maneuvers, and a super damp ride.

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