Stance is everything!

At Donek you can have almost everything customized including your stance with, which plays a huge part in building a custom snowboard. So, knowing about your stance is important, if you just got the shop guys to set it up for you, now’s the time to learn.

A basic would be to always measure from the center of the base plate or 4×4 hole pattern you use.

How to measure stance width

1.)    Use a tape measure or another accurate measuring device.

2.)    Find the center of each binding base plate, normally the center of the 4×4 bolt pattern.

3.)    Have the tape lie as flat and straight as possible from the center of your right foot to the center of your left foot or visa versa.  

  •        You may need to feed the tape measure under bindings features like heel cup supports.

4.)    You can also take your bindings off, find the 4×4 pattern under one foot to the other.

5.)    From one center to the other is your stance width.


Knowing your stance width is very handy when trying new rides or looking for a new board. Especially with us, we want to make sure you are on the most comfortable snowboard that’s customized to your riding style and stance.

We also get asked about the proper width a stance should be. A comfortable stance is if the center of your foot is at or just outside your shoulders. This will give you a solid, ready for action position. If your feet are inside or too far outside your shoulder width you will lose functionality and performance.