Metal Laminates
We’ve been testing and refining numerous metal constructions for several years, and we’ve worked through the different challenges of making a titanal board that doesn’t require riders to trade durability for a performance gain. We have developed multiple configurations specific to the type of riding and desired performance characteristics.

Triaxial Fiberglass
Triaxial fiberglass has fibers running in three different directions. Unlike the biaxial (fibers in two directions) glass being used by many other manufacturers, triaxial glass enables us to build more torsional stiffness into Donek boards. Torsional stiffness is the single most important factor in the board’s ability to hold an edge on ice and execute a clean, pure carve. When you ride a Donek board over that sheet of ice, you’ll be glad we understand this fact.

Rubber Damping
We integrate different degrees of rubber dampening in different models. Metal constructions always incorporate 2 layers of full width rubber to aid in durability and provide the silky smooth rider that is associated with metal boards. Some fiberglass race boards incorporate 2 full layers as well to keep the chatter to a minimum. Most of our recreational boards have incorporated enogh rubber to enhance bond strengths where required while providing a fun responsive ride.

Full Wrap One Piece Edge
We recently developed a computer controlled edge bending machine. This tool has dramatically enhanced our edge preparation process, allowing a perfect edge fit and the ability to bend the edge in one piece.

More Materials

Base Materials
Sintered DuraSurf 2001 is one of the most abrasion resistant base materials on the planet. IMS 4000 Elektra is one of the fastest. We use the right base for the job – our Pilot, Freeride and Freestyle boards get DuraSurf 2001, our Carve and Race boards get IMS 4000 Elektra.

Die-Cut Graphics
Die cut graphics produce a more simple and elegant graphic while improving a board’s durability. Silk screened graphics rely on the ink as a bond layer – this weakened bond layer often results in delamination and sometimes cracking of the ink near the board’s edge. Our die cut graphics simply won’t delam.
We started die cutting snowboard graphics in 1999 with a CNC machine and pioneered the concept of knife cutting base graphics. In 2012 we started a second company, Donek Tools, with our patent pending drag knife tool. This tool is now being used by about 70% of our competitors to die cut their ski and snowboard base graphics. It’s also found uses in numerous other industries. You can check out Donek Tools for more details.

Dye Sublimated Base Graphics
While other manufacturers do further damage to the environment using toxic inks to silk screen and flood coat their bases, we’re one of the few capable of dye sublimating base material. We use base material composed of a natural (clear) layer melted to a white layer on the back side. This gives us a white background without requiring the application of weak polluting toxic ink to the back side of the base. Dye sublimation is an environmentally friendly process that uses water based inks and a paper carrier which is recycled. The ink is digitally printed on the paper and transferred into the plastic base material with heat and pressure. The heat causes the dye sublimation ink to become a gas, which migrates into the plastic. As the material cools the ink becomes a solid and is fixed in the material.

Symmetriflex Wood Cores
symmetriflex se-me-tri-fleks a term invented by Donek snowboards to describe the behavior of a snowboard core. we wish it were in Webster’s but…

Proponents of foam cores claim that wood cores produce inconsistent flex patterns. We agree with them; that’s why we developed the Symmetriflex Process. The production process for our Symmetriflex cores ensures that material properties like density and stiffness are identical from edge to edge. We then take extra care to ensure that the core’s dimensions are consistent from edge to edge to within .0005in. This careful craftsmanship makes our boards smoother, more responsive, and track like an arrow when laid flat on the snow.