AF Plate

(Axel Free Plate)


The AF plate system is a revolution in plate hardware technology. This patent pending system provides the isolation of a monoplate system while retaining almost all feel and control of a plateless snowboard.
The AF Plate rests almost directly on the board’s surface without a mechanical linkage. This means there is no latency or delay when you initiate a turn. Turn initiation feels just like riding a board without a plate. The intimate contact with the board allows the rider to perceive everything that is happening in the board, gaining a feel for the snow surface just like riding a plateless snowboard.
The hinge on this system is constrained so it only rotates in one direction. The result is the ability to pinch your knees together and bend or manipulate the board at the beginning of your turn.
The independent pod based hardware system allows the board to flex more naturally in torsional and lateral modes, so the snowboard conforms to the snow surface along the entire length of the edge.
The system can be removed from your board without any disassembly. Just loosen 8 screws and the plate is removed. All hardware is captive, so you can be confident you won’t be loosing parts.

af top viewaf stack heightaf weightaf hardwareaf bottom viewaf bottom view 2

This video contains a great deal of discussion about the AF Plate

The AF Plate is a traditional snowboard cap construction incorporating a vertically laminated poplar and ash core surrounded by triaxial fiberglass and pbt topsheet material
The hardware below the plate is machined from aluminum and UHMW polyethylene.

Our AF Plate comes in two different styles

The 4X4 version is about 3mm taller than the UPM and weighs an additional 1/2lb.

Compatible with the UPM (Universal Plate Mount) hole pattern. This version will mount only to boards with the UPM hole pattern. This version weighs approximately 3lbs.

Price: $550