Donek Days Carving Clinic at Copper Mountain, CO

Donek Days at Copper Mountain

After huge demand from our carving audience, we have put together Donek Days Carving Clinic which will be hosted at Copper Mountain, CO and in association with Woodward at Copper. This is your chance to learn from our Donek pros Ryan Knapton and Giri Watts.

This three-day experience will be exclusive to 5 riders, in a semi-private situation, who are looking to walk away with solid carving skills that will make the mountain their playground. Ryan and Giri will provide the groundwork to move towards making those laid out carves we all crave to do since they are so fun.

Riders who are high intermediate to advanced skilled, this means being confident and able to make clean connected toe side and heel side turns on almost any terrain, or on and off groomed slopes, are invited to join the clinic.

Safety is a major priority and so is quality, this is why will be holding these clinics midweek. This way the general public is at a minimum and we can have open slopes to get big and wide turns required for learning and keeping safety at the top of our list. We want you going home happy and in one piece.

Participants will be able to step into the world of Woodward as the first day will include a day in the Woodward Barn to start warming up the techniques needed. This is your chance to play on the tramps, foam pits, and ramps with qualified instructors.

Video review will be provided so you can take home a piece of the action and see how you can improve your snowboarding.

Nowhere in the world is there another clinic like this, because no one else has dream team Ryan Knapton and Giri Watts helping you ride your best, making every day on the mountain count.

Donek Days includes semi-private coaching, lift line priority, discounted lift tickets, access to the Donek Snowboards demo fleet, a Donek goodie bag with a t-shirt, video review, $100 off any Donek custom-built snowboard and a few more surprises.

To learn more about the Donek Days carving clinic and to make a booking hit this link