Donek Snowboards sold at 5280 Board Shop in Denver, CO

Donek Snowboards at 5280 Board Shop in Denver Colorado

A board shop in Denver has gotten cleaver and brought Donek Snowboads into their establishment. We had a chance to get to know these guys a little better. Check the interview.

Katie Tsuyuki and Michael Castro

Katie: Tell me some background on the shop and about the owners

Michael: The shop is a dream come true for owners Michael Castro, Ralph Reda and Michael Kent. We are all avid snowboarders, it provides the opportunity to share our passion and expertise with local boarders.

Ralph Reda CEO – Local board rider connected to the community/industry. Ralph has 13 years of proficiency in extreme sports and plans on educating beginners and others with experience.

Michael Castro COO/Marketing Director – Originally from Miami, FL, and an avid longboarder. Michael moved to Denver, CO 4 years ago and fell deep into snowboarding. Michael is dedicated to bringing local brands and the boarding community together.

Micheal Kent CFO – A long-time snowboarder from Connecticut, currently a Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience. Micheal is proficient in tax law, financial modeling and financial compilations.

Kaite: Why did you choose your location?

Michael: We specifically sought out Olde Town Arvada because of the vibrant community and growing number of young families and college students.

Katie: What sets you apart from other snowboard shops in the Denver area?

Michael: We are a community-driven board shop and our vision is twofold: first, we want to give back to the Arvada community as much as we can by hosting events, giveaways, workshops, clinics and more. Secondly, we want to showcase local, eco-friendly brands and companies. That includes riders for riders brands that are affordable and will last just as long as named brands like Burton or Oakley. Being locally owned and operated, 5280 Board Shop will provide every visitor with excellent customer service and unique product selection that isn’t offered in the average gear store. We will carry Colorado brands.

Katie: How did you hear of Donek and do you want to sell Donek Snowboards at your shop?

Michael: We heard about Donek Snowboards by following long-time Snowboarding Athlete and YouTube influencer Ryan Knapton. We saw what your boards can do, the unique shape and specs that go along with it. We feel that with Donek at our shop will provide a wider variety for our selection.

Check out their Grand Opening happening this weekend in the Denver Area. Visit them for great giveaways, swag and Halloween candy!!