Welcome Reymi Junior and the World Snowboard Camp to the Video Team

Donek Snowboards welcomes Reymi Junior with the World Snowboard Camp to the Video Team. We are excited to be expanding our video library with Spanish and Portuguese videos made by Reymi. Look for them on our YouTube Channel.

Reymi is also the founder of the World Snowboard Camp. An organization that offers instructor training programs and organizes camps for Brazilians and Spanish speaking people in Whistler, Canada.

Here is his bio:

If you cannot actually move mountains, you can certainly change your life to live close to them.

This is what Reymi did because of his love for the mountains. After several years of traveling the world in search of the perfect spot, he decided to move from Brazil to British Columbia and start his new life.

Being a snowboard instructor in one of the most spectacular ski resorts in the world is the dream coming true in its most beautiful way.

However, living the dream wasn’t enough and the idea of sharing all the passion and knowledge brought the World Snowboard Camp to life.

Based out in Whistler Blackcomb – British Columbia, the project is meant to be a bridge between the eager riders from South America and all the goods that you only can find in the North.

The main goal was to spread the love and respect for the mountains, after all, snowboarding is not just a sport, it`s a connection with nature, body, and soul.

Moreover, there`s always an opportunity to learn while teaching and meeting people from all over the world on countless experiences – this is the real deal.

This is what makes us part of the same concept: sharing all the passion and knowledge that we got over the years in the mountains with the snowboard community. 

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