The most important tip for waxing!

Wanting to go fast is a part of snowboarding. No one who’s an avid snowboarder wants to be left behind by their crew on the slopes, especially on a powder day.  Therefore, waxing is a must to keep your base moist and fast.

So, what’s our biggest tip for waxing…well it starts before the iron gets hot. Take off your bindings.

Yes, this is a minute detail that gets overlooked. What’s the result of leaving those wrenched down bindings on? Dimples. They may look cute on your four-year-old nephew, but not so much on your winter prized possession.

The pressure of the inserts and heat causes the base material to be sucked up into the board. This looks horrible and is not a true surface, also it is very difficult to reverse. Even just loosening the bolts makes a huge difference.

Another big tip we can pass your way is to be proactive and remove your bindings before submitting your board to a shop. One would be surprised at how many emails we get about how our boards have started to dimple, right under the bindings after getting a local shop to wax it. This is not a factory defect or a riding defect. This is most commonly caused by taking a board to a shop who did not loosen the bolts.

So, do yourself and the shop a favor and leave your bindings at home when taking your board to the spa. Want help in remembering your stance? Use lines of masking tape or a marker on the outside of each binding to mark the width and angle of your stance.

Happy riding ya’ll