Skiing or Snowboarding: Which Should I Start With?

If you’re new to the slopes, deciding whether you want to learn how to ski or how to snowboard is your first task. Skiing and snowboarding are both physical winter sports. Skiing is a bit more demanding on the legs and thighs than snowboarding. Snowboarding requires more core and upper body strength. Skiing takes years to perfect, whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.

Skiing tends to be less scary for beginners because it feels less restrictive than snowboarding, and it is done with a straight-on stance where the skier can see exactly where he or she is going. With snowboarding, your feet are attached to your board, if you start to fall, there is little you can do to re-balance yourself. Additionally, snowboarding stances are side-on allowing the snowboarder to see around 50% of what is in front of them.

However, once you have overcome these psychological obstacles, beginner snowboarders tend to progress relatively quickly in the sport. The fact that your feet are attached to the snowboard becomes an advantage! Skiers seem to find that crossing their skis is a common issue and slows them down. Moving both legs simultaneously, in symmetry and harmony, takes time to accomplish. For most beginner snowboarders, the basics of making simple turns and riding down the slope are achieved within a couple of weeks.

If you’re looking for a sport that will continue to challenge technique and skill, then skiing may be your best option. Additionally, keep in mind that beginners often fall harder when snowboarding than when skiing. Whether you choose skiing or snowboarding, snowsports can become quite addictive. Once past that “beginner stage”, it is quite likely that you will want to keep going and become an expert. Unlike other addictions, snowsports are beneficial for your health! Not only will you be exercising in the fresh air of the mountains, but you will also have access to a new social side with the apres ski scene! What are you waiting for? Start your custom build today! Contact us for more information.