Donek Days Clinic in February

The first Donek Days clinic is done and as expected all our clients had an unforgettable time.

Just missing one from this group shot! Level of stoke is high.

Even with some challenging weather Ryan Knapton and Giri Watts were able to teach valuable skills to help all five clients get closer to the goal of those beautiful and fun laid out carves. Some even took on the Knapton pads and slidy jackets for the ultimate comfortable carving experience.

Three full days on snow with a Copper Woodward Barn session was more than enough to send these guys home with sore bodies but big smiles.

Clients said that getting to ride with extremely knowledgeable riders like Giri Watts and Ryan Knapton took their riding to the next level and they walked away to skills they will always use.

More Donek Days to come this season. Thanks to our dream team Ryan Knapton and Giri Watts for making this clinic so amazing for all participants.

Check some pics