It’s Go Time

We did it.  We made it through Thanksgiving 2015.  We ate all of the food.  We watched all of the football.  We bought all of the deals. So now what?  This is that weird time of year where it’s Christmas but it’s not quite Christmas.  These are the few weeks where it feels like we should all have a break from work to spend time with family and friends, but that isn’t how it works, unfortunately.

So, what do we do to pass the time for the next few weeks before it really is Christmas?  Sit inside all day watching TV by the fire?  Curl up in our warm, cozy beds reading a good book?  NO!  While these activities can be enjoyable, take 2 seconds to look out the window.  What do you see?  SNOW!  This is it!  This is what we’ve waited for!  IT’S GO TIME!

Now that we’ve taken the time to prep for winter and gotten our new snowboards, it is time to put it all to good use.  So, bundle up, gear up and go!  There are plenty of ski resorts already open and even more set to open over the next week or so.  If you are curious if your favorite resort is ready to go, feel free to give them a quick call to confirm they are open or to find out when they will be.

So let’s gather our ski’s, boards and accessories and go do what we’ve been waiting months to do.  Let’s show the world what we’ve got (even if it’s just managing to take the lift to the top…I still consider that quite the feat!)  Be careful, have fun and I’ll see you out there!