Welcome New Video Rider Jordan Michon

Do you love getting out on the mountain and challenging yourself without going over jumps, rails or even leaning the ground? You may love carving, like the one and only Ryan Knapton.

Yes, carving is on the rise in the snowboard world. It’s something that’s not competitive, lower risk, and puts a huge smile on the face. That’s why we are happy to say that the much experienced Jordan Michon will be joining Donek’s video team with his series the Low Down.

In this video series on our YouTube channel, Jordan will be providing carving tips and another perspective on how to get as low as possible to that crisp hard pack snow.

Jordan hails from Quebec, Canada and has CASI training as well as many years on snow. He blends both of these experiences to give a well balanced view on carving. He also will be doing some episodes in French to help include some of our non English speaking riders and followers.

Jordan has a few custom Donek snowboards he will be riding. A Knapton Twin, Nomad, and Aloha.

Welcome Jordan to the Donek family and we look forward to seeing what you’re going to put together.

See Jordan’s profile here